work and school

I found out last week that I got into a graduate program that I applied to.  I’m really happy, but nervous about balancing it with work, my family, and my weight loss and health goals.  I plan on using Citibike to get from work to school (before it starts snowing), so at least I’ll get some exercise in. We’re working on sleep with my youngest, so hopefully come September, I’ll actually have some time in the evenings to study.  And I have my commute time to read.

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sedentary hobbies?

I’ve had it in my mind (I think from my mom) that it’s a bad idea to spend too much time on sedentary hobbies, like knitting and reading, which I really enjoy, since I should be more active to stay healthy and happy.  For instance, couldn’t it be better for my weight loss to spend what little time I have exercising instead of reading? But, at least knitting keeps my hands busy, so that I can’t eat mindlessly, unlike when I’m reading or watching TV.  Maybe I should start knitting again.  I want to knit my youngest a striped ear-flap hat for next winter.  I got a pattern on Etsy, and finally bought some yarn for it, but I haven’t started it yet.

Although it’s been hard to find time in the evenings since my youngest daughter is up every 45 minutes, and one of us has to go in to help her back to sleep.  My daughters share a room and it’s been hard on all of us, I think.  I’ve heard from other parents that it will get easier when she’s around 18 months old, which is 7 months away!  My oldest didn’t start sleeping better until she was close to 2 years old.  Sigh. We had done some sleep training in February when my youngest was still in the co-sleeper in our bedroom, in preparation for moving her to the girls’ room.  That was hard, too, but worked out OK until we put them in the same room.  Now we’re back to holding her to soothe her to sleep because my oldest wakes up crying if she hears the youngest crying…

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Maybe I’ll try to knit on my commute.  There’s a woman at my Weight Watchers meeting who knits during the meetings.

Do you have any strong opinions on sedentary versus active hobbies and activities?

meal planning

Had a rough beginning to the week–our 13-year-old dog died.  But she was a great dog and lived a good life.

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After a month of plateaus or slight gains I was actually down 1.4 at my meeting this week! Yay! I’ve been trying to do better at prepping vegetables for dinner the night before. My brother helps out by cooking, and I think he appreciates having the veggies prepped and labeled. Since we belong to a CSA, we get lots of veggies each week and my husband and brother aren’t always sure what they are.

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In 2012 we tried using the Fresh 20. The meal plans help you save money and plan meals using mostly fresh ingredients. I liked it but found it didn’t really work out when we get our CSA veggies or when I had a newborn at home.

I’m still struggling with finding the time to prep and cook while working and mothering two kids under 5 (my daughter turns 4 on Sunday!).

Any advice?

life balance & time management

Here are a couple of charts looking at how I spend my time on weekdays and weekends.  I think once my youngest starts drinking cow’s milk and I can breastfeed less I’ll start going back to yoga on Saturday mornings…


What can I spend less time on so that I have more time to cook, exercise, and track? I’d also like to knit my youngest a hat for next winter. I guess I can try to be more active with my kids or on my lunch break?  I’ve been trying to ride Citibike but sometimes there aren’t any bikes left at Penn Station when I get there in the morning.  We’ve been playing some Just Dance 2 on the Wii which I really enjoy, and so does my oldest.  I think I need to ask my husband for more help watching the girls by himself on the weekends so that I can cook and exercise more.

I wish there was more time in the day to do everything I want to do to be healthy and not so frazzled and tired.