work and school

I found out last week that I got into a graduate program that I applied to.  I’m really happy, but nervous about balancing it with work, my family, and my weight loss and health goals.  I plan on using Citibike to get from work to school (before it starts snowing), so at least I’ll get some exercise in. We’re working on sleep with my youngest, so hopefully come September, I’ll actually have some time in the evenings to study.  And I have my commute time to read.

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It will be my second master’s degree.  I have some regrets about my first.  I don’t really use what I learned in my job, and I don’t think I’ll use it going forward.  Frankly, I’ve forgotten a lot of what I learned.  But I’m still paying for it.  Literally.  I’ve been paying school loans for 11 years.  I read that Obama passed a law that will forgive loans to people working for non-profits for ten years.  That works for me! But then I read the fine print and the clock only starts ticking in 2007, so I’ll have to wait till 2017 to get my loans forgiven.  But, it will still save me a lot of money.  And my second master’s will be from a public university, and I’ll only be taking one class (or maybe two, if I can handle it) at a time, so I won’t need to take out a loan.

Anyway, last week I was down 1.4, even though I was over my points again.  I still feel intense cravings, but I’ve been trying to be more prepared. I’ve made some good choices this week, and some not great choices, so I don’t know what the scale will say tomorrow.  Some weeks I lose and some weeks I gain, even though every week I’m over my points.  I wonder if I’m not tracking accurately enough (I’m not weighing or measuring), or I’m making more milk than I think (we get an extra 7 or 14 points per day for nursing with or without supplementation), or something else? I guess we’ll see tomorrow…

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