artificial vs natural

Part of the problem I’ve had with commercial weight loss programs over the years is their emphasis on substituting “light” versions of products to reduce their points or calories.  These products aren’t natural and there was a time when I didn’t want to put anything artificial in my body.  Although both Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig do recommend many naturally light and filling foods, such as broth-based soups, whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables, they also sell and recommend a large number of processed foods.

But, I wasn’t successful at losing weight on my own, even when I was eating healthy, organic, whole foods. So now I’m doing a bit of both.  I still like to drink organic milk and use real sugar in my coffee, but I also eat artificially sweetened reduced fat yogurt since I would tend to go overboard on the kind with real sugar and no fillers.  But is this stimulating my sweet tooth and making me want more super-sweet things?  There have been many discussions and research done about whether or not diet soda helps or hinders weight loss.  I strive to eat naturally and belong to a CSA to support local organic farming, but I also drink diet soda at lunch every day and eat too much reduced fat cheese.  But I’d eat too much full fat cheese, too…

I guess until I get to Maintenance I’ll keep it flexible, and then when I get to Lifetime again try to eat fewer artificially sweetened and processed foods.  Or I could try the Simply
Bubblegum Breakfast by J Mark Dodds

Filling technique and just eating Power Foods for a day or a week.  I still haven’t given that a try because I crave snack foods so much right now, and I feel like my family won’t like meals cooked only with Power Foods.

What do you all think about artificial versus natural foods and losing weight?

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