Reasons I want to lose weight

I have to constantly remind myself why I want to lose weight, because I completely forget when I’m in a pre-binge state.

  1. Feel good about myself
  2. Be healthy
  3. Be a positive role model for my daughters
  4. Be proud of the way I look
  5. Fit into smaller clothes
  6. Have more energy
  7. Not have my thighs rub together so much when I wear skirts or dresses! I was reminded of this yesterday…ouch.
  8. Feel in control
  9. Enjoy food without going overboard
  10. Not be ashamed of myself
  11. Like the way I look in pictures, especially with my family

I’ve noticed that some of these reasons sound more healthy and some sound a bit narcissistic, but I think I’ll feel a whole lot better about myself if I do get back to a healthy weight.

At my Weight Watchers meetings a few weeks ago we talked about having an “anchor”.  Something you could hold, think about, say, or remember to remind you of what you are striving for.  I still haven’t been able to choose one…what’s your anchor?

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